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New Mideast Offers

December 27, 1987|JACK ADLER

If you're planning to visit the Middle East, there are new offers to consider.

Until Oct. 31, 1988, El Al is offering passengers a discount coupon booklet in celebration of Israel's 40th anniversary. The coupons are also good until Oct. 31, 1988.

The booklet is provided at check-in to all passengers, regardless of what fare they have paid for their flights, according to El Al.

Different cities in Israel are extending discounts on museums and other attractions. For example, Tel Aviv is offering free admission to the Tel Aviv Museum and discounts to the Diaspora and Hagana museums. You can also get special ticket prices to the Israel Ballet, Cameri Orchestra and Beit Lesin Theater, among others.

In Jerusalem you can receive a 30% discount to Siebenberg House, which has artifacts dating back to King Solomon. Eilat offers discounts at the Eilat Express, a miniature passenger train; a free day of tennis and windsurfing at a hotel, and a 25% discount on a motor yacht outing featuring sailing, swimming and deep-sea diving.

Haifa is offering a 30% discount on its cable car ride from Mt. Carmel to Bat Galim and a 50% discount at the Luna-Gal Sea of the Galilee Water Recreation Center.

The coupons also include a 30% discount on all Egged tours throughout Israel.

Contact travel agents or El Al at (800) 262-ELAL.

If you're going to Cairo (or Vienna), Sunny Land Tours, a tour operator in Hackensack, N.J., is offering accommodations at $1 per night for up to six nights if you book air transportation from them.

The package requires that you travel on an APEX ticket with round-trip flights aboard Royal Jordanian Airlines. The flight to Cairo stops first at Amman, Jordan. The APEX rate from LAX to Vienna is $801, and to Cairo $982. Flights have to originate by the end of March, 1988, but the return portion can be afterwards.

There is also a 10% service charge and handling fee assessed by Sunny Land Tours. Therefore, a six-night stay in Vienna would cost $801 for the air portion, $6 extra for the hotel or $807, plus a 10% charge on this latter sum adding up to $887.70.

The hotel used in Vienna is the Kummer Hotel, where the going rate is $85 per night, according to Sunny Land Tours. The Green Pyramid Hotel is used in Cairo. Figure around $60 a night in making your calculations.

Reservations at the hotels are made for you by Sunny Land Tours, which also provides vouchers. You have to set up the precise number of hotel nights in advance of departure, but the hotel stays don't have to be on a consecutive-night basis.

Contact travel agents or Sunny Land Tours at (800) 631-1992.

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