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Tomorrow's Adults Pledge to Solve World's Problems 'Together'

December 28, 1987

About 15 American teen-agers and 15 Soviet teen-agers produced this peace declaration last week while camping at Rancho Capistrano. They titled it "Together."

Peace requires love.

Love requires understanding.

Understanding requires knowledge.

Knowledge requires work.

Work requires peace.

We are the adults of the twenty-first century and we will uphold the ideals of peace. We must begin now to achieve our goal, world unity, and this goal cannot be met passively. This is our time to reach peace through positive action. We declare:

Article 1: We perceive peace as a) a state of tranquility, b) living in harmony with people and nature, c) a presence of universal trust within our hearts, d) allowing the free expression of ideas;

Article 2: We will continue to make peace as defined above a reality by a) opening communication through 1. newspapers, 2. telecommunications and other new technology, 3. dialogues, 4. international youth camps, 5. other related activities b) adhering to the ideals presented in this declaration, c) viewing everyone as belonging to one united race, d) accepting nothing blindly; considering all possibilities;

Article 3: We pledge to teach our peaceful ways, not only to others in our generation, but to generations to come, through the examples listed in this declaration.

The signatories of this document swear to live their life (sic) in such a way as to promote the ideals expressed herein, and to never consciously violate them, and also to hopefully reunite at a future camp in the first year of the new century.

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