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There Is Another Catch to Winning a Heisman

December 28, 1987

Starting with George Rogers in 1980, only one of the last seven Heisman Trophy winners has played for a bowl winner the same season. That was Doug Flutie.

Marcus Allen and Herschel Walker both were outgained by Curt Warner in losses to Penn State. Mike Rozier went out with injuries when Nebraska lost the national title to Miami. Bo Jackson was held in check by Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl, and Vinny Testaverde was the losing quarterback when Penn State beat Miami for the national title.

Flutie threw for three touchdowns in Boston College's 45-28 win over Houston in the Cotton Bowl, but he completed only 13 of 37 passes for 180 yards and threw 2 interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown. The player of the game was running back Troy Stradford.

So what's ahead for Notre Dame's Tim Brown in this season's Cotton Bowl against Texas A&M.

Said Irish Coach Lou Holtz: "I know history says Heisman Trophy winners usually don't play well in bowl games. Testaverde threw five interceptions in the bowl game last year.

"I'm here to tell you without any equivocation whatsoever that Tim Brown will not throw five interceptions."

Would-you-believe-it dept.: From the Boston Globe: "If one looks up the word 'taciturn' in the American Heritage Dictionary, there is a picture of Ray Perkins next to the definition."

Says the Globe: "This is a man for whom euphoria equals a smile at the corner of his lip."

Said Dallas Mavericks guard Derek Harper, when asked the best way to stop the Philadelphia 76ers' Charles Barkley: "You can try and take a charge, and go to the hospital."

John Paxson, of the Chicago Bulls, on teammate Michael Jordan: "Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are probably the best players in the game who play on the floor. Michael is the best player in the game who plays in the air."

Trivia Time: Of the 11 former heavyweight boxing champions still active, how many can you name? (Answer below.)

Miami linebacker Bernard Clark--slated to start in the Orange Bowl in place of George Mira Jr., who has been suspended--promises there will be no drop-off at the position, but assistant coach Dave Wannstedt said: "You just don't replace a guy that's your leading tackler and that's led the team in tackles for the last three years."

In last season's Orange Bowl, Dante Jones started at linebacker for Oklahoma after the suspension of Brian Bosworth.

Jones was voted the defensive player of the game.

Now-it-can-be-told dept.: From the Boston Globe: "New Mexico has replaced its nickname 'Lobos' with a 'Say no to drugs' patch on the back of its warmups. The team had a policeman assigned to its bench during the final of the Big Apple NIT, and eight of the sweats were stolen (five were recovered). That happened 20 minutes after the team trainer was mugged outside Madison Square Garden."

Trivia Answer: Michael Dokes, Tim Witherspoon, Pinklon Thomas, Tony Tubbs, Trevor Berbick, Greg Page, Mike Weaver, Michael Spinks, Leon Spinks, Larry Holmes, George Foreman.


Ron Luciano, author and former umpire: "Being an umpire is a lot like being a king. It prepares you for nothing."

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