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Reagan Era

December 30, 1987

In just a few days, seven of Ronald Reagan's eight years as President will be history with him probably being credited as being the luckiest chief executive that ever lived/survived! Far from the best, even further from the worst, he has led a charmed two terms in office, starting out with the release of the hostages in Iran on his inauguration day.

His administrations have seen more presidential appointees forced to leave important positions, and now close friends and helpers like Lyn Nofziger and Michael Deaver face possible prison terms for their shenanigans.

Ollie North and John Poindexter and the Iran-Contra follies have come and gone, although indictments are still possible with predictable pardons a strong possibility. Most Americans still believe Reagan knew everything that went on despite his denials.

He presided over the worst stock market crash in our history, the largest federal budgets and deficits known to date, the havoc in the Marine barracks in Lebanon and countless other debacles.

He did sign the recent important nuclear treaty with Mikhail Gorbachev after the very able George Shultz, our astute secretary of state, worked out the details with his Soviet counterparts.

Predictably, Nancy and her RED outfits, were upstaged by Raisa Gorbachev, who correctly assessed the White House tour and trappings for what they honestly are. And Mr. G. had an appropriate answer for every one of Ronnie's attempted "digs"!

Ironically, Richard Nixon was forced to leave the White House in disgrace after Watergate, even though he had great accomplishments in China and the Soviet Union. Now, Reagan has the Iran-Contra scandal, Nofziger/Deaver embarrassments, deficits and the stock market crash, but he continues to smile and wave and sing "Everything's Coming Up Roses," when he may be "Heading for the Last Roundup" in 1988!


Van Nuys

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