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Orange County Strawberry Production

December 31, 1987

Strawberries are the county's second-leading agricultural crop, behind nursery stock (container plants and cut flowers). Statewide, strawberries rank 13th on list of agricultural crops; Orange County ranks third (behind Monterey and Ventura) in strawberry production with 16.8% of the statewide crop. Strawberry Growing Season:

August-September: soil preparation

October: planting

October-January: growing

January-May: maximum production; harvest

June-early July: harvest for byproducts (jams, juices, frozen products)

These are average seasons. There may be some variation depending on varieties grown. Harvest has started early last two seasons (in early January) because of warmer-than-usual winters.

1986 1976 Acres of bearing strawberries: 2,413 1,761 Tons of strawberries produced: 85,251 50,981 Total cash value of crop: $64,400,000 $29,600,000

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