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Friends Fill the Korns' Vacation

January 17, 1988|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

Ambassador to the United Nations Lester B. Korn and his wife, Carolbeth, have returned to New York, but not without seeing a lot of friends while on their vacation.

Richard and Pam Mullin, Keith and William Kieschnick, Sanford Kaplan, Carole Curb with Jean-Francois Watteau, Gen. William and Willa Dean Lyon, Morgan and Lee Harris, Henry and Arline Gluck, Michael and Jacqueline Tenzer, Burt and Karen Pines, and Bob and Kay Dockson were among the 70 guests Maude and Richard Ferry and Mike and Linda Curb beckoned for an elegant sit-down dinner at the Regency Club.

Ferry recalled that when he and Korn (now on leave of absence) launched the company Korn/Ferry 18 years ago, they had $5,000, a secretary and a typewriter. Now it's the largest executive search firm in the world. More in the illustrious crowd were former Ambassador to Ireland Peter Dailey and Jackie, Warren and Marie Christopher, Donn and Peggy Miller.

CELEBRATION: Formal invites come out soon, but already Gil and Diane Glazer have laid the groundwork for festivities honoring Sheldon and Sandra Ausman at the American Jewish Committee's Social Concern Award dinner Feb. 11 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. To emphasize the social concern they all tender for their good friends, the night has John and Liz Argue, Joe and Dorie Pinola, Henry and Arline Gluck, and Tom and Esther Wachtell as co-chairmen. Sponsors will pay $500 per table.

MYTHIC EFFECTS: The Group of Otis/Parsons will view "the mythic effects of stardom" when members party next Sunday at a $150-per-couple scholarship benefit to preview "Hollywood: Portraits of the Stars," the exhibition organized by Joan Agajanian Quinn.

The show, featuring the works of more than 40 contemporary artists who offer insights into the ways screen personalities have become cultural icons, runs Tuesday through Feb. 20 at the Otis/Parsons Exhibition Center, 2401 Wilshire Blvd. It's one of Hollywood's 100th year salutes.

Key board members planning the affair: Kathy Offenhauser, Billie Converse, Carrie Ketchum, Nancy Dowey, Marilyn Stuart, Marion and Florence Malouf, Jeanne Sully, Ellen Clark, Sue Ann Converse, Babe Eagle, Vonnie Flowers, Eunice Forester and Marilou Yoell.

BIG DATE: Ah, Hollywood Park's 50th anniversary season is all set to open April 27.

JOIE DE VIVRE: The laughter and fun was echoing all through the Arroyo for the fun party that Adam and Penny Bianchi threw to honor her nephew Evers Whyte and the Colgate Thirteen, the marvelous Colgate University men's singing group (they've just taped with the Dolly Parton show) that is on tour performing at private schools throughout the United States.

Their "Masochistic Tango" with silly gyrations was certainly the highlight, and Patsy von Schlegell, sitting on the sofa, found herself the object of humorous attention. But who will forget their "Blue Moon" and all those wonderful '30s and '50s songs?

The crowd spanned three-generations (Evers' maternal grandparents, Jayne and Lyman Calkins, came up from Palm Desert), the kind when the young approach and give their elders a genuine hug and peck on the cheek. Without a doubt, the young had the definite edge on fashion glamour. Not that Marcia Hayden didn't look magnificent in her black couture; daughter Maggy in pink taffeta (selected by Marcia and made by the seamstress) was bouncy and ebullient. And Dee Maechling looked ever chic, but daughter Mary, grown up so tall and lovely, was pretty ravishing in swishy silk.

The family combinations were wonderful--the Bianchis and their Jacqueline and Leath, welcoming and introducing with elan; Carolyn and Jim Fox with Stephanie (a favorite of the Thirteen); Tappy and Chapin Hunt with Leslie; Jan and Bill Clayton with Jill; John and Joan Hotchkis with handsome John Jr. (getting ready to race at Daytona); Cheryl and Bud Wegge with Kelsey and Mike, Beau and Wendy Bianchi with Alex; Wayne and Joanne Ratkovich with Milan, Anna and Lindsay.

Those beautiful sisters--actress Ashley Brittingham and USC Theta Stephanie Booth--came across town. So did Hugh Evans III and Chris Leibes. On the Pasadena side, Gabriella and John Santianello, Stephen Watkins, Elizabeth Moreno, Harry Montgomery, Patsy Ketchum, Paulette and Bill Burkett, Michael and Betsy Morphy, Gretchen and David Seager--all swayed with the tunes amid John Mathias Catering's wonderful pizza, corn bread, chili and the ham sandwiches. It was hard to leave.

PRESENTEES: Las Madricitas Auxiliary of the Crippled Children's Guild of Orthopaedic Hospital gave its Evergreen Ball at the Beverly Wilshire and presented Las Ninas, its junior auxiliary members. Presentees include Lee Berger, Camyn Chapman, Shawna Cowan, Amanda Eakins, Joelle Forteza, Erica Fox, Allison Fuentevilla, Wendy Leopold, Tracy Lieberman, Julie Martinet, Molly Meng, Holly Mitchell, Kelly Nash, Jennifer Stephens, Sabrina Van Dine and Laura Woods.

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