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Cut Determines Meat's Fat Content

January 21, 1988|ROSE DOSTI

The cut, not the grade, determines the amount of fat in meat. Shoppers should keep in mind that gradings may be meaningless when comparing different cuts of meat. A Choice loin steak, which is considered a lean cut of meat, will have less fat than a Select grade chuck, because chuck is normally a fatty cut of meat whether Select or Choice. However, Select grade will be lower in fat content within each equivalent meat cut.

Here's a chart of percentage of lean meat per 100 grams, for specific cuts, as listed in the USDA Handbook No. 8.

--Flank: 100% lean

--Chuck: 81% lean

--Round: 81% lean

--Rump: 76% lean

--Sirloin: 67% lean

--Porterhouse 58% lean

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