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Traffic Report by Lyle Alzado Is Disputed

January 22, 1988|JAMES RAINEY | Times Staff Writer

Redondo Beach police are investigating a traffic incident that involved former Raider All-Pro Lyle Alzado and two Lomita residents Tuesday afternoon.

Alzado filed a report claiming that his car was rear-ended on Catalina Avenue by a car that drove off before he could exchange information with the driver.

The occupants of the other car, Marvin Rathburn, 29, and Angie McCormick, 32, also filed a report. In an interview, they said the report alleges that Alzado nearly caused an accident, brandished a gun at them and threw coins at their car, one of which hit a child inside.

A spokesman for Alzado denied the allegations. Police refused to release or discuss the latter report, other than to confirm its existence. Before the report was filed, however, police said that the Lomita pair had called with similar complaints.

Rathburn and McCormick, neighbors in Lomita, said they visited the Redondo Beach Pier Tuesday. They were accompanied by four children.

As they prepared to turn right onto Catalina Avenue on the way home in Rathburn's car, another vehicle cut in front of them, the pair said. Rathburn said he blew his horn and exchanged obscene gestures with the driver.

Rathburn said the other driver--whom he later recognized as Alzado, he said--waved a pistol out the window. When he tried to pass on the right, the former football player leaned across his own passenger seat and threw a handful of coins, one of which hit one of the children riding in the back seat.

Rathburn said he then drove behind Alzado, and that Alzado slammed on his brakes. The pair said they never hit Alzado's car.

Alzado could not be reached for comment.

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