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Company Spotlight

Ast Research Inc

January 25, 1988

ADDRESS: 2121 Alton Ave., Irvine BUSINESS: The company designs and manufactures personal computers and computer accessories. ASSETS: $144.3 million (at June 30, 1987). NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 1,358 TOP EXECUTIVES:

Cash Name Position Compensation Safi U. Qureshey President $316,500 Albert C. Wong Executive vice president, secretary 316,500 Thomas C. Yuen Executive vice president 316,500 Donald L. Willliams Senior vice president 124,964 Leo V. Beaulieu Vice president 112,614 James W. Ashbrook Senior vice president NA

Source: AST proxy report dated April 17, 1987. BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Name Age Safi U. Qureshey 35 Albert C. Wong 37 Thomas C. Yuen 35 Richard J. Goeglein 52 Philip D. Mathews Chairman and chief executive, Echelon Sports Corp.

Shares % of total Name Occupation owned shares Safi U. Qureshey President of the company NA 17.0 Albert C. Wong Executive vice president and secretary of the company NA 16.9 Thomas C. Yuen Executive vice president of the company NA 16.4 Richard J. Goeglein President and chief operating officer, Holiday Corp. -- -- Philip D. Mathews -- --

Source: AST proxy report dated April l7, 1987. FINANCIAL RESULTS Fiscal year ends June. 30 Earnings and revenue in millions of dollars.

1987 1986 1985 1984 Sales $206.0 $172.3 $138.6 $63.8 Earnings 13.0 27.2 19.0 5.7 Per share 1.13 2.24 1.98 0.69


Stock exchange, symbol NASDAQ, ASTA

Shares outstanding (Oct. 31) 11,455,986

52-week high $22.75

52-week low $6.25

Friday's closing price per share$9 Market value of common stock $103 million

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