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February 02, 1988

Two classic market indicators seemed to point to an up market in 1988, according to Irving Katz, director of research for Thomas Green/San Diego Securities.

"The Dow closed up for the month of January and the National Football Conference champion team won the Super Bowl," Katz said. "But what does the market do on Monday, Feb. 1? It goes down."

For the past week, however, continued enthusiasm over the prospects for lower interest rates pushed interest-sensitive stocks higher, as the Dow Jones Utility Average made new recovery highs, Katz said.

San Diego Gas & Electric was up $1.625 to $33.875, as it reported earnings of $3.28 per share, versus $3.42 during the prior year, which included a one-time, $.25 gain from the sale of its Energy Factors.

Other gainers included Home Federal Savings & Loan, up $2.75 to $25.75; Imperial Corp. of America, up $1.375 to $10.75. Imperial raised its dividend to $.15 a quarter from $.10.

Price Co. gained $2.50 to $35.75, as analysts increased earnings forecasts for the next fiscal year.

Burnham Pacific Properties likewise gained $.50 to $17.75 on analysts' recommendations.

Cousins Home Furnishings reported its first quarterly earnings since 1984--$.01 per share for the second fiscal quarter--but the company reported a loss for the six-month period. The company gained $.75 to $.375.

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