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Racist Remarks : 'Oprah Winfrey Show' Ousts Neo-Nazi

February 05, 1988|United Press International

CHICAGO — A neo-Nazi Skinhead from a San Fernando Valley group who was flown in to appear on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" was ejected from the studio by security guards Thursday after he used profanity and said Winfrey was a monkey.

"This has been somewhat out of control," Winfrey said during the hourlong show, shown live in Chicago and taped for national syndication. "I've never seen such or felt such evilness or hatred in all my life."

The show was repeatedly interrupted by verbal exchanges and threats between two factions of Skinheads--one composed of white supremacists and the other of Chicago punk rockers who deny having racial or religious prejudice.

Marty Cox, a member of the Aryan Youth Movement in the Valley, was ejected by security guards with about 8 minutes remaining in the show for using profanity and threatening another member of the studio audience, said Winfrey spokeswoman Alice McGee.

About 13 other neo-Nazi Skinheads, including four panelists who were flown in from California with Cox for the program, marched off the set chanting with their right arms extended in a Nazi salute, McGee said.

The audience cheered after the exit, she added.

Earlier in the show, Cox called a black woman in the 165-member audience a "monkey," McGee said.

"You think because she is black and because I'm black we're monkeys?" Winfrey asked.

"It's a proven fact," Cox replied.

Later, Cox became angry with another member of the audience and began waving his arms in a threatening manner and using profanity, McGee said.

"Freedom of speech we allow on the show," she said. "He was ejected for using profanity. It was a classic case of things getting out of control."

Winfrey was visibly shaken when, after a break, she announced to the audience: "We asked our friend Mr. Monkey Comment over there to leave, and some others followed him."

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