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Rick & the Homeless

February 07, 1988

So, the Limousine Liberals are upset with Rick Dees because of his comments about the homeless (Pop Eye, by Patrick Goldstein, Jan. 31)?

Maybe they should leave their multimillion-dollar Malibu beach homes and go to Venice and spend some time with the people.

If they did, they would see that Dees' comments were more accurate than they realize. The alcoholism, drug addiction, crimes against each other and the community are very real.

Maybe Rosanna Arquette should walk the Venice Boardwalk at 6 p.m. and then decide if she understands the issue of homelessness versus criminal behavior.

We have no homeless families on our streets, just dropouts from society who refuse social services.

My message to Arquette, Peter Case, Carla Olson and Casey Kasem--who don't deal with this daily--is: Get real .


Venice Beach

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