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Getting From Point A to B

February 07, 1988

"California, here I come to enjoy your beauty, the weather, the way of life."

That's what I was dreaming when I set out from England for my holiday here. My dream was spoiled by the lack of one thing that I am accustomed to having in England--the transport to enable me to go on my own from place to place.

Please, could you solve the problem for many of us who visit your great country and establish a bus route that can run from A to B at least every two to three hours?

I can hear you saying: "We have buses. We have "Dial-a-Ride." Well, I have used them, and you have to make arrangements before they will board you. And very often you have to wait a long time for them.

I'm sorry, but this was a sore point that spoiled my otherwise fantastic holiday.


Hemel Hempstead,


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