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Europe Air Discounts

February 07, 1988|JACK ADLER

Pan Am offers two promotional extras to passengers who fly round trip to Europe, except for Moscow, by April 30. A second person on the flights can fly at half-fare, and two round-trip tickets for the price of one to anywhere in the United States, including Hawaii, the Caribbean and Central America, can be purchased.

The half-fare to Europe applies on any class service. It does not apply, however, on trips from the United States to Europe between March 25 and April 14, or on flights from Europe between March 17 and 31.

If you buy a discount ticket, consider how the advance purchase and minimum/maximum stay requirements affect travel dates in relation to this promotion. You can use Pan Am's Eurosaver fare, but the fare is non-refundable.

While this offer is subject to the approval of foreign governments (Pan Am flies to 34 European cities), the carrier will honor both aspects of its promotion even if it is rejected by a foreign country, as long as the round-trip ticket has already been purchased for Europe, according to an airline spokeswoman.

The two-for-one offer is valid on any class service from Sept. 7, 1988, until March 21, 1989. Flights must be Monday through Thursday. You and your companion have to fly together round trip. There are also blackout periods, mainly on holidays.

To get a two-for-one certificate, send in boarding passes and what's left of your ticket (photocopies are acceptable) to the airline's distribution center. It will take four weeks to get the certificate, which is non-transferable.

TWA offers a similar deal. Contact Pan Am at (800) 221-1111 and TWA at (800) 892-4141.

Domestically, America West is offering a value pack for $290 that provides coupons for 10 nonstop one-way flights on routes involving Los Angeles, San Diego, Ontario, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque and El Paso.

A coupon also is good for 50% off the fare of a round-trip ticket between any of these cities and Chicago, Baltimore/Washington and New York.

You have to buy this booklet by Feb. 29, but the coupons are good a year from purchase. The coupons for travel between the Western cities are non-transferable, but the 50% off coupon for flights to Eastern cities can be transferred.

Contact America West at (800) 247-5692.

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