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Jack Beatty on Pat Robertson

February 08, 1988

Jack Beatty's attack on Pat Robertson, "Robertson Runs Wild Behind Our Deference to Religion" (Op-Ed Page, Jan. 27), was pathetic at best.

I am not a Robertson supporter. I can make that observation on the basis of his stated philosophy of government without attacking either his morals or his faith.

It is obvious that Beatty is so emotionally involved in his hatred of Robertson and the kind of Christian faith espoused by Robertson and the millions that believe the way he does, that any hope of objective reasoning is gone.

Beatty uses the same approach to journalism that he charges Robertson with using. He speaks to us from on high and pontificates his beliefs as fact.

The other candidates are not attacking Robertson for the same reason they aren't attacking Rep. Jack Kemp--they frankly don't believe either man has a chance of winning so why attack.

As a born-again believer, I now have greater understanding for the revealed truth of the Scripture that says man's wisdom is foolishness before God.


Woodland Hills

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