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February 09, 1988

The stock market continued its lackluster performance and San Diego stocks, with few exceptions, participated in this trend with little movement in either direction, according to Irving Katz, director of research for Thomas Green/San Diego Securities.

Triton Group made a new high since its listing on the New York Stock Exchange, as it closed up $1.625 to $11.75.

The company announced in December that it was selling its Simplicity Pattern unit for $117.5 million. The company would realize a gain of $40 million or $3.66 per share on that deal. There has been no news from Triton since then, Katz said.

Beeba's Creations rebounded from its year's low of $6.75 last week, to gain $1.25 and close at $8.

Imperial Corp. of America gained $1.375 to $12.375 following news that MDC Holdings had increased its holdings to 8.9% of Imperial's outstanding shares. The company recently announced an increase in its cash dividend and earnings of $3.40 for the year, Katz said.

Molecular Biosystems announced earnings of $.11 per share in the third quarter, its best quarter ever, Katz said, but the stock still fell $.375 to $12.625.

Great American First Savings Bank fell $.625 to $13.25 after announcing disappointing fourth quarter earnings of 47 cents per share vs. $1.18 the previous year, Katz said.

Decom Systems lost $.1875 to $1.1875 as it reported a first quarter loss due to a slowdown in the aerospace industry. Magma Power announced it would exchange one share of its stock for each 1.9 shares of Magma Energy, which it did not own, and gained $.125 to $9.50.

Annual meetings scheduled for this week: Today, PSICOR and Mitek Systems; Thursday, Wavetek; Friday, Foodmaker.

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