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'Appalled' by Curbs on Azusa's Mayor

February 11, 1988

I am a student at Citrus College who has recently moved to Azusa. I attended the City Council meeting on Jan. 18 and listened as Councilman Bruce Latta moved to repeal the 23 restrictions of Resolution 8150, enacted a year and three months earlier.

Latta implied that the repeal was to make amends with the mayor.

In obtaining a copy of the resolution, I was simply appalled by its content! To me, these restrictions were meant to strip the mayor of his power. I find the resolution, passed by Councilmen James Cook, Lucio Cruz and Latta, illogical and ridiculous.

With resolutions such as this, I can see only the promotion of distrust and disharmony. I question how councilmen could enact such a childish, unintelligent and irresponsible resolution.

I have decided to seek and help elect proper representatives for our city.



Editor's Note: Among other things, the resolution directed the mayor to share his City Hall office with council members and prohibited the mayor and council members from using a city car, issuing orders to municipal employees, raiding the employees' refrigerator, bestowing awards or sending out letters without the approval of their colleagues.

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