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FOCUS : Beverly Hills By-the-Sea

February 11, 1988

Newport Beach--one of the oldest and most affluent cities in Orange County--has the largest number of small boats and yachts in its harbor than any city in the United States. Hence, its nickname: Beverly Hills by-the-sea. Hollywood celebrities have been summering it up here since the 1920s. Ecological enthusiasts enjoy Newport Back Bay, a state reserve that houses some endangered species. A popular and historical amusement area is the Balboa Fun Zone, located near the peninsula since the 1930s.

Residents who bought homes in the early '60s in Corona del Mar, Balboa Peninsula and Lido Isle are enjoying property values that have risen 20 to 30 times the original price. A $300-million expansion plan, to be bankrolled by the Irvine Company, was rejected by residents in November, 1986. The plan for the Newport Center was opposed because residents preferred a pattern of slow growth. One attraction at the center is Fashion Island, an upscale fashion center with exclusive, one-of-a-kind shops.

Government City Council: John C. Cox (mayor), Evelyn R. Hart (mayor pro tem), Ruthelyn Plummer, Donald A. Strauss, Clarence Turner, Bill Samsone City Manager: Bob Wynn Fire Chief: James Reed Chief of Police: Arb Campbell

City Services City Hall 644-3017

3300 W. Newport Blvd.

Police (business) 644-3717

870 Santa Barbara Drive

Fire (business) 644-3103

475 32nd St.

Post Office 640-8720

1133 Camelback

In Emergency, Dial 911

Statistics Population (1986 est.): 66,367 Area: land: 13.9 square miles,

water: 22.8 square miles Incorporation: Sept. 1, 1906 Median household income: $42,757 Median home value: $200,100 Racial/ethnic mix: white, 97.6%; Latino, 3.4%; black, 0.3%; other, 2.2%

(Total is more than 100% because racial/ethnic breakdowns overlap)

Employment status Employed persons: 34,880 Unemployed: 1,239 Not in labor force: 17,957 Per capita income: $18,163

Population Median Age: 40.3 years


Adults over 25 Years of school completed: 0-11 years: 6.5% 12 years: 21.0% 13-15 years: 30.3% 16+ years: 42.2% Median years completed: 15.2

Statistics: Donnelley Demographics

Clipboard researched by Susan Greene and Deborrah Wilkinson / Los Angeles Times

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