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What About Light Rail?

February 12, 1988

Iread about the Century Freeway light rail, about the Long Beach light rail, but what about the Valley light rail?

Is it moribund, and, if so, is it because our 867,000 residents really like facing constant congestion and gridlock on Valley freeways? Or is it because no one wants to take the time to speak up?

Light rail will take an estimated 45,000 drivers--those who travel from one end of the Valley to the other, or from within and outside the Valley to downtown L.A.--off the Ventura Freeway.

It is a rapid transit system we have already paid for. These funds cannot be used for bus systems or other transit improvements.

If we don't act, $785 million we've already paid in taxes to improve transit and the quality of our lives will be spent outside our own area. Why are we letting this happen?

Light rail will not encourage growth: With or without it, people will continue to move to the Valley and beyond because they cannot afford homes elsewhere.

If we who live here don't push and prod our elected representatives, perhaps we deserve to travel at speeds of 11 m.p.h. on the 101.



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