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Show-Biz Economics 101

February 13, 1988

We continually see articles in The Times about Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company, lauding his ability in leading "one of the most remarkable turnabouts ever accomplished in Hollywood."

But since Eisner's arrival at Disney. . . .

He has raised the ticket price to Disneyland several times and now the adult fee is $21.50!

He formed Touchstone Films, which makes the type of film Walt Disney never associated himself with, nor exposed his family-oriented audience to.

He is now requiring Disneyland workers to pay a larger share of medical bills in various forms that will cost a worker several hundred dollars; after all, they earn $5 to $8 an hour!!

Eisner received a bonus of $6 million in addition to his $750,000 salary; the previous year's bonus was $2.6 million. His crony, Frank Wells, Disney president, got a $3-million bonus.

Of course, it would have been nice had The Times Magazine article that featured him on its cover not too long ago included the downside of Eisner, instead of trying to make him some kind of genius.

I'll have to cross off my yearly Disneyland visits, as well as any of the movies Eisner has a hand in. No more $21.50 contributions to his bonuses!!



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