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That Nazi Wax Museum

February 13, 1988

I teach seventh and eighth grades at Temple Bat Yahm in Newport Beach. In sharing Allan Jalon's article (The Times, Jan. 1) about Allen Parkinson's proposed museum in Santa Ana (a wax museum, it would include a miniature Naxi concentration camp), I found my students to be appalled (by) the entire article. They asked if they could write letters to the paper. I encouraged them to do so. I am enclosing some of their responses to Parkinson's proposal.

I, too, am offended (by) his ideas. First, 6 million Jews and at least 5 million non-Jews were killed in the concentration and death camps of World War II. Secondly, to depict Jews as too sophisticated to visit wax museums is almost as insulting as the corresponding implications about Mexicans. Thirdly, to glorify Nazism in any way is unthinkable. Sincere thanks to Jalon for writing the article so we have a chance to respond.


Newport Beach

These comments are taken from the 14 letters that accompanied Marcus' letter:

Dear Mr. Parkinson, as a Jew I'm very angry. . . . I think that you should rethink your ideas before your wax spoils.


Who would want to pay money to see suffering people being killed in concentration camps? Is that your idea of fun? I found Parkinson's remark about Jews being too sophisticated for wax museums, while Mexicans love them, to be extremely prejudiced and offensive to both groups.


I think your idea of a wax museum is sick and warped.


I want to thank Allan Jalon for showing us how racist people in this world can be.


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