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Airing Jordan

February 14, 1988|Craig Modderno \f7

The Bulls soaring superstar Michael Jordan will rap with rapper Kurtis Blow in May for PolyGram Records. "I've always wanted to sing," Jordan told us, "and I'm a big fan of rap. But I know if I sound lousy on this record, I'm gonna get razzed about it all next season."

Blow, who wrote the tune, will call it "Air Jordan." He'll will sing the lyrics because Jordan feels they're "too egotistical for him and don't fit his clean image or that make him sound arrogant." For example:

So how do you like me now that I'm rapping

Hard core and zapping?

Like basketball, I'll keep you clapping.

Homeboys and girls

Air is here to rock your world.

Lakers fan Blow originally wanted Magic Johnson: "He didn't give me the same warm reception as Michael did," Blow said. "Magic's spent the past six months listening to a song I wrote for him and he still hasn't made up his mind. Besides, Michael's a lot easier to get a hold of than Magic.

"And his team will probably lose quicker in the playoffs so we can make the record sooner!"

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