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Man in the Fridge

February 14, 1988

I am rarely astonished by the opinions expressed by readers of Calendar, but the letters about Joe Strummer in the refrigerator were a rare exception.

I fail to see how this is yet another example of media irresponsibility that can only lead to children damaging themselves.

Eleanor Puls apparently thinks that children old enough to actually identify Strummer are still immature enough to immediately run to the family fridge and lock themselves in.

Bill Turner feels that letting children see this is equivalent to educating them in the evils of the world (which they ultimately will have to deal with anyway).

It would perhaps be nice if they were open to the possibility of children being a little bit more responsible about their actions.

It is not the media's concern to selectively edit everything that someone feels is harmful; rather, it is the responsibility of the parent to do so.



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