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Spending Lid Backed

February 14, 1988

The eight candidates for four San Diego City Council seats in the November runoff election spent approximately $1.7 million, making the campaign by far the most expensive in San Diego history. To run a competitive campaign, a candidate must be a millionaire, raise immense amounts of money or go into heavy debt.

I agree with the comment by Bob Filner, who won the race in the 8th District. "I think it's ridiculous," he said. "We should not have been allowed to get into this situation. . . . It became an arms race."

Filner believes there should be limits imposed by law, and I do, too.

Establishing a cap on spending goes hand in hand with the groundswell to change the City Charter to let voters in each district choose their councilman in the general election. District elections would certainly provide more opportunities for minorities, but would also serve to reduce spending levels because candidates could focus on one district, not the entire city.



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