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'Initiative Foes Dispute Poll'

February 14, 1988

Re your story "Initiative's Foes Dispute Findings of Poll," (Feb. 8): I hope Orange County's supervisors and city council members continue issuing drowning words of defense: They add to public disillusionment with the current leadership.

Supervisors blame "lack of awareness" for the poll results favoring slow growth and distrusting attitudes toward politicians. One need only attend a council or supervisors meeting to become "aware" of their continual disregard for established city and county zoning general plans: the constant rezoning to allow for higher densities, regardless of supporting infrastructure.

One also only need look at the current last-minute efforts of supervisors to come up with their own slow-growth plan (why not years ago?). It would be amusing if it wasn't so pathetic.

Perhaps public officials would be surprised at how informed the public is. We don't sign petitions blindly.

Most elected officials probably feel better telling themselves the public is unaware. It provides a comfort zone. I suggest it is they who are unaware. It would be a shocker to one day read a politician's statement declaring: "We may have been wrong in changing zoning regulations to provide for higher densities without adequate sewer or road systems. We may have been thinking about more tax dollars and the developer who would help us win our next election."

If luck serves us (our politicians don't), just maybe their lack of awareness will bring about their demise before they bring about the ultimate demise of Orange County.


Huntington Beach

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