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La Habra Plan for 4-Lane Boulevard

February 14, 1988

Being a newly organized political action group in La Habra Heights, MORL (Maintain Our Rural Lifestyle) has learned some valuable lessons in Realpolitik and would like to share them.

Members of MORL thought public hearings had to do with getting community input before the La Habra Heights City Council would decide to approve or disapprove a proposal that Hacienda Boulevard be revamped to a four-lane thoroughfare. They were wrong; the city had made an arrangement with Los Angeles County for four lanes on Hacienda Boulevard several months before the hearings were held.

MORL thought that presenting 700 signatures of residents opposed to the city's proposal might persuade the council to consider other alternatives or to put the issue to a vote; wrong again.

Despite lessons that you can't fight City Hall, MORL contends that residents of La Habra Heights should have the right to determine major and radical changes proposed for Hacienda Boulevard, and to this effect has developed an initiative to be circulated for the necessary voter signatures to place this issue on the ballot in a special election.

MORL's education has been rocky, but this time it's got its lesson right.


President, MORL

La Habra Heights

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