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Kings of Rubbish to Expand Empire : 40 Years of Collecting Other People's Trash Pays Off as Asadurians Plan Diversification

February 16, 1988|BARRY STAVRO | Times Staff Writer

Two weeks later, Siroonian signed a contract. But one of Siroonian's attorneys later said in court papers that the Asadurians had gotten Siroonian's business "through fraud, deceit and theft."

Sam Asadurian recently explained that Siroonian's partners had provided them with the company's equipment, and it was all according to their agreement.

Another case involving an Asadurian rival is working its way through Superior Court in Ventura County. G.I. Rubbish sued Henry Sahagian, who runs Valley Commercial Disposal in Thousand Oaks. The Asadurians alleged unfair trade practices, charging that Sahagian tried to raid their customers by hauling rubbish below cost and that he violated a no-compete clause. In 1978, the Asadurians bought a rubbish firm from Sahagian and his family for $150,000 in cash and notes.

'Unfairly Low Price'

It is a messy lawsuit. Among other things, Sahagian claims in court papers that it's the Asadurians who were taking away his customers. Sahagian also alleges in court documents that Sam Asadurian physically attacked him and that the Asadurian lawsuits were "brought for the sole purpose of harassing me and my family, and with the intent to force me to sell Valley Commercial to . . . Sam Asadurian, at an unfairly low price."

"I've never done that in my life," Sam Asadurian said in an interview. "I've bought everybody out on a fair-and-square basis."

The case is expected come to trial later this year.

All this time spent on legal matters can run up quite a tab, judging by yet another lawsuit involving the Asadurians. Their former law firm, MacDonald, Halsted & Laybourne in Los Angeles, has gone to court over $271,000 in allegedly unpaid legal fees that the Asadurians piled up in 19 months. Van Rossen said an out-of-court settlement is likely.

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