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Palestinians and Mideast Conflict

February 16, 1988

In his article "A Mortal Danger to Israel's Existence" (Op-Ed Page, Jan. 31), David Bar-Illan contended that "Egypt forbids maps with the name "Israel" in its schools."

These are some facts on that matter:

--Egypt's Ministry of Education has been distributing an atlas for schools throughout Egypt in which not only is the name of Israel mentioned, but also its territory is mapped out.

--The United Nations Children's Fund distributed its own maps to some Egyptian schools with the map of Israel shown covering Israel proper as well as Israeli-occupied Gaza and West Bank.

--Then the Ministry of Education withdrew the UNICEF maps from those schools.

--Had the ministry not done that, it would have meant acquiescing in the status quo that should not continue and that proved to be perilous to all the parties involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

--We believe that the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories should come to an end, and that a peaceful settlement should guarantee both the fulfillment of the Palestinian national rights and Israel's security.


Press Attache

Egyptian Consulate General

San Francisco

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