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February 19, 1988| Compiled by the Fashion88 staff

Royal Treatment in L.A.

It will be a huge change of pace for the Duke and Duchess of York March 1, when the young royals start the evening, stiff-upper-lip style, in the august confines of the Grand Hall of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Music Center. There they'll be guests of honor at a reception hosted by the Amazing Blue Ribbon and will watch a show of Jean Muir fashions hosted by Bullocks Wilshire, where Muir's new boutique opens the same week. (Muir will be on hand for both events.) Then His and Her Highness will hustle off to none other than the Stock Exchange, the downtown club that's less than stuffy, if you know what we mean. Andrew and Fergie will watch what's billed as "a fashion show and multimedia event of fashions by young British and Los Angeles designers." We'll let you know how it all turns out.

First Lady of Melrose

Where was Jacqueline Bisset on Presidents' Day? We know she spent some of the time shopping at Fred Segal on Melrose Avenue. She and a friend started out looking for a leather jacket, according to menswear manager George Grimball. Somehow leather looked less inviting than silk, so the two women changed course. They bought a Go Silk trench coat for the friend's son and two jackets for the friend herself. Bisset opted for a black washed-silk sport coat and pleated baggy trousers. She asked what she should wear with her new menswear and was told T-shirts (either white or black), heels or tennis shoes. But she couldn't wear the trousers right away. They had to be shortened and taken in at the waist.

Beverly Hills Birthday

Beverly Hills, in an attempt at the Guinness Book of World Records, will present "the world's largest fashion show" as part of the city's 75th anniversary celebration. On the runway, which will span three blocks of Rodeo Drive, will be new fashions by "all the top designers in the world," says Richard (Sandy) Quinn, whose firm represents Beverly Hills in matters of marketing. Not only that, Quinn adds, but the designers themselves will be imported as guests of the city, and will appear along with their clothes. Marylou Luther has been retained as creative director of the fashion event. Don't hold your breath, however. The show is at the end of a 14-month celebration in the glitzy city, which means it takes place on Labor Day, 1989.

California Dreaming

New York designer Stephen Sprouse tells Listen he's about to sprout a shop in Beverly Hills. He's scouting for a storefront and expects to see his '60s-inspired clothes on display there soon. Sprouse talked--no, he shouted--about his plan during a crowded cocktail party at New York's old-line Club 21. As for party wear, Sprouse placed a black leather cap over a black bandanna. Several Sprouse-clad fashion models with shoulder-length hair (like his) spent the evening on the bandstand, videotaping guests. And of all the stylish types squeezing in and out of the room, we liked the woman wearing the Chanel-bottle earrings. Changing Her Tune

She's built a reputation singing country-soul, jingles (Levi's 501 blues, milk commercials) and the theme song for NBC's "The Golden Girls." But Cindy Fee will be singing a different tune soon. Lullabies are our guess. She and guitarist-husband Rob Landis are expecting their first child in March. Shopping at Reborn Maternity in Sherman Oaks not long ago, Fee bought a stone-washed denim jumper and jacket that we're told looks "real cute" with all her boots.

Flocked to Stock

At Neiman-Marcus there are apparently no doldrums in sales of high-price designer goods. On Tuesday and Wednesday, for example, we're told that customers literally flocked to see (and order) the pre-fall collection of Ungaro ready-to-wear, which is traveling around America before the fall showing in Paris next month. It's true, most women in Los Angeles have yet to buy new frocks for spring, which is still about six weeks away. But N-M shoppers undoubtedly plan ahead and were thinking past spring and summer into next fall. How much did they purchase? As we went to press, only Tuesday's figures had been tallied: $70,000 in Ungaro fall merchandise on that one day alone.

'Retreat Part 1'

After the tar and feathering the critics gave "Leonard Part 6," Pat Colbert, the movie's co-star, went on retreat. Listen hears she spent the day under wraps at Vera's Retreat in the Glen, a beauty center where she got the full treatment. "When she gets tense, she breaks out in hives," explains Lori De Waal, a spokeswoman for Colbert.

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