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February 20, 1988

Cybill Shepherd's twins blamed in print for "wrecking" "Moonlighting" (" 'Moonlighting' in the Cold Light of Day," Lee Margulies, Feb. 11).

I'm sure Shepherd has agonized enough over the show, her career and her babies. Why rub her face in it?

I think the show is doing fine. The pregnancy has inspired some interesting writing for all the characters, and if the plot isn't to one's liking, hey--David and Maddie got famous reminding us that their TV lives are not real, so show a little faith and stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the new babies are real, so lay off.

If "Moonlighting's" producers had the grace to be supportive of its star's inconvenient pregnancy, carrying on the best they knew how with as much wit and style as they could muster, they should be given some credit.

They showed behind the scenes that which makes the show so good on camera: a healthy respect for reality.


Santa Monica

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