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Lofty Standards

February 20, 1988

It was disturbing to read (Jan Herman's) view of dance in Orange County ("Troupes Tripped Up by Lack of Funds, Talent," (Jan. 24). We feel (the) article took a pessimistic viewpoint. The development of the Orange County Performing Arts Center and its influx of major dance companies, along with the escalating attendance, seems to us a statement of encouragement for the support of local dance companies.

Major companies all over the world have been low on funds and (have) had to shut down for a time, but choreographers and dancers have kept going, making it possible for them to open their doors again. Negative press makes it harder and harder to encourage a local company to build an audience.

Art cannot survive without the support of the media. Despite our pleas for coverage, the larger papers ignore us. Our school has had three performances since its inception, and all of them were sell-outs. Had you contacted us when you wrote your article, you would have had a totally different perspective on where dance has been and where it is going in Orange County.



Fullerton Ballet &

Performing Arts Company


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