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Praising 'The Dead'

February 21, 1988

It's very difficult to understand what purpose was served by printing Barry Weiss' letter.

The letter's self-satisfied tone reflects the same cutesy vacuity that informs most of what we're served up in popular big-studio films and television.

If Weiss lacks the intelligence and (dare I say it) sensitivity to respond to a finely crafted work that contains subtly developed ideas and genuinely portrayed emotion, then he will remain uninvolved.

Possibly the themes of love and death do not involve him; possibly he prefers movies with car chases and gun battles.

Let Weiss eat Tex Mex and watch non-boring movies, but please refrain from sharing his bleating "humble opinions" with "film fans."

P.S.: I thought Paul Krassner's article on "The Wilton North Report" in the same issue was the best thing Calendar has ever published.


Los Angeles

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