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Old Angel Series Never Die

February 21, 1988|Pat H. Broeske \f7

The exciting news went out a few weeks ago, that Fox Broadcasting is resuscitating the very high "Charlie's Angels" concept--and is reconstituting it into "Angels 88."

Casting calls have gone out, but if you can't stand to wait for showtime, some friends got us the rundowns on the four new cuties!

Four young women (we assume they'll be young, right?) will portray actresses who are in a TV detective series that fails--so they become "real life" detectives.

(This is reminiscent of the current CBS late-night series "The Diamonds." But so what? If we've learned anything from TV, it's that a good idea is worth repeating. Even a bad idea.)

So who are these new women? Here's how the producers figure their characters:

Pam: Since she was once heralded as the best young actress in Minneapolis, we know she's talented. In fact, of all the Angels, she's the one who's "studied and suffered for her craft." She's also suffered because Dad abandoned the family a long time ago.

So she's intent on tracking him down. The reason: Until she confronts him, she'll never know who she is.

She's got an ex-hubby who's also an actor, and who's constantly bugging her about different things. (They met and married while on tour--and she never thought it would last!) And she's got a hot Alfa Romeo Julietta. The payments are killing her, but she just can't part with those wheels!

Connie: She's the funky-looking one, who's been around. . . . traveled the world, lived in Europe, modeled, hung out with Andy Warhol.

She never thought she'd be cast in a detective series. It was just on a lark that she decided to give it a try! The casting folk were blown away!

She's also into New Age--which means she believes in channeling, the power of crystals and probably likes Shirley MacLaine a lot. She likes animals too--and is always collecting stray critters.

Bernadette: Dad, a high school football coach, always wanted a son--who'd play quarterback. He got three daughters instead. When Bernadette came along, he made her a tomboy--and called her Bernie. She excelled at sports (a tennis champ), had few dates and, though she's a natural beauty, never realized it.

She also grew up watching cop shows! Which is why she felt comfortable about starring in an action series (she memorized her lines while driving around in her Jeep).

Ah, but Mom is worried about her future--so she keeps setting her up with dates. Bernie wants to find her own guys. She's also discovering--to her surprise--that she enjoys being a girl!

Tasha: Dad was a cop who was killed in the line of duty. Mom had a breakdown afterward, and her policeman uncle had to take in the family. Tough times followed. Tasha turned wild during her teens (can you blame the kid?).

But after high school, she began to get her footing. Became a stewardess. Tried to deal with painful memories. (A casting rep described her this way: "Behind Tasha's magnificent eyes, lies a pain so deep, it's hard to imagine.")

It was while in flight that she caught the eye of a Hollywood agent. The we're-gonna-make-you-a-star stuff followed. So did the series.

Of all the Angels, she's the least serious about acting. But, she's gotta pay those bills that she incurred after moving to town--now that she's got a VW convertible and has been taking flying lessons.

Maybe her policeman uncle could help her learn the detective biz? Then again, maybe Tasha is too proud to ask for help. . . .

Clarification: The aforementioned characters are not something we made up. These are from the actual producers.

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