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Pierce, Tell Us About Your. . .

THE SWEEPS: Another in a series of articles examining the TV industry's periodic ratings ritual

February 21, 1988

Pierce Brosnan--who stars as Ian Struan Dunross--"tai-pan" of Hong Kong's oldest, most influential trading house -- did his share of talking . . . and talking. . . .

Some of that talking was by phone, to:

--John Burlingame, TV Data.

--Michael Hill, Washington Post.

--Jay Bobbin, TV Log.

--Lane Crockett, Gannett Syndicate.

--Joan Hanauer, United Press International.

--Lynn Hoogenboom, United Media Syndicate.

--Dusty Saunders, Scripps-Howard Syndicate.

--Susan Stewart, Detroit Free Press.

--Shirley Eder, Knight-Ridder Syndicate.

He talked some in person too, to:

--Pat Hilton, USA Today.

--Susan King, L.A. Herald-Examiner.

--Jerry Buck, Associated Press.

And he talked for the cameras and mikes from:

--"Entertainment Tonight," from London, with David Frost interviewing.

--"PM Magazine," columnist Marilyn Beck interviewing.

--Cable News Network.

Brosnan was also scheduled to spread the word about "Noble House" last Thursday via a series of satellite interviews--with 30 NBC affiliates. His schedule:

Station City Time WYKC Cleveland 9:30-9:35 WHO Des Moines 9:37-9:42 KTAL Shreveport 9:44-9:49 KARK Little Rock 9:51-9:56 WBRE Wilkes Barre, Pa. 9:58-10:03 WSMV Nashville 10:05-10:10 KPNX Phoenix 10:12-10:17 WCMH Columbus 10:19-10:24 KSNW Wichita 10:26-10:31 KOTV Grand Rapids 10:33-10:38 KOB Albuquerque 10:40-10:45 WICS Springfield 10:47-10:53 WSTM Syracuse 10:54-10:59 KING Seattle 11:02-11:07 WMAR Baltimore 11:09-11:14 WSVN Miami 11:16-11:21 WPXI Pittsburgh 11:23-11:28 Break! WALB Albany, Ga. 11:37-11:42 WRC Washington, D.C. 11:44-11:49 KOBI Medford, Ore. 11:51-11:56 KSDK St. Louis 11:57-12:02 KXAS Ft. Worth/Dallas 12:03-12:08 WAVE Louisville 12:09-12:14 WXFL Tampa 12:15-12:20 WXIA Atlanta 12:21-12:26 WPCQ Charlotte 12:28-12:33 WBZ Boston 12:34-12:39 KCRA Sacramento 12:41-12:46 WSAZ Huntington, W.Va. 12:48-12:53 WMAQ Chicago 12:54-12:59

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