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Deborah Does Dallas . . . Cleveland, N.Y., Boston, Chicago . . .

THE SWEEPS: Another in a series of articles examining the TV industry's periodic ratings ritual

February 21, 1988|PAT H. BROESKE

" Deborah's been talking until she's blue in the face," according to her personal publicist. And he's not exaggerating.

The cases in point--her promotional activities for "Noble House"--included the following .

--"The Tonight Show," aired on Jan. 18.

--"Hour Magazine," Feb. 10.

--"PM Magazine," a two-parter: Part 1 aired on Valentine's Day, Part 2 later last week.

--"The Wil Shriner Show."

--"The Entertainment Report," sent by satellite to stations all over the country.

--"Entertainment Tonight."

Telephone interviews:

--Michael Hill, Washington Post.

--Bob Michaels, Palm Beach Post.

--Madolyn Lamb, Baton-Rouge (La.) State Times.

--Mike Drew, Milwaukee Journal.

--Nancy Anderson, Copley Syndicate.

--Ron Clarke, Reuters News Service.

--Chris Preimesberger, Palo Alto Peninsula Times Tribune.

--Benjamin Morrison, New Orleans Times-Picayune.

--Julia Keller, Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch.

--The Business of Film, a Hollywood trade paper.

--Evan Levine and Paul Eli, United Media Syndicate (yes, she talked from two folks from the same service; the articles will be "packaged").

--Frank Sanello, Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Syndicate.

--Kay Gardella, New York Daily News.

--Lela Davis, Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise Journal.

--Rick Kennedy, Cincinnati Post.

--Candy Justice, Cineman Syndicate, Memphis.

--Pat Sellers, Toronto Star magazine.

--Tony Gentile, Total Television.

--Shirley Eder, Detroit Free-Press.

--Amy Burger, Woman's World.

--Westwood One Radio.

--Cutler Radio Syndicate.

--Marilyn Beck, syndicated Hollywood columnist.

In-person interviews with:

--Dave Kaufman, Daily Variety.

--Jeffrey Jolson-Colburn, Hollywood Reporter.

--Jerry Buck, Associated Press.

--Vernon Scott, United Press International.

--Barry Koltnow, Orange County Register.

--Bonnie Churchill, Churchill Syndicate (she came to Raffin's house).

--Luaine Lee, Pasadena Star-News (and Knight-Ridder Syndicate).

--Rena Le Blanc, Woman's World.

Magazine interviews with:

--Good Housekeeping (her 14th cover for the magazine).

--Andy Meisler, TV Guide, for an item on the Insider pages.

--New York magazine.

--Redbook, the cover.

--Millionaire magazine.

--Madonna Benjamin, Britain's Vogue.

--Jan Vanell, Tour and Travel News.

--Woman's Day.

--United Airlines magazine.

--Dave Deaton, Adventure Magazine, Atlanta.

An 8-city, 10-day promotional tour to:

Cleveland, to be interviewed by:

--"AM Cleveland."

--WKYC-TV's Channel 3 news, plus entertainment reporter Jim Hooley.

--Merle Poolis show on radio WERE-FM.

--Lunch with Dave Glazier, a syndicated reporter for several Ohio papers.

Dallas, for the following:

--The Ron Chapman show, radio KVIL.

--Breakfast with the sales staff of KXAS-TV, an NBC affiliate.

--Interview with Ed Bark, Dallas Morning News.

--Interview with Charles Parkhill, KRLD radio.

--Live with reporter Bobbie Wygant on the noon news, KXAS-TV.

--Lunch with Rick Schrand, KXAS-TV special producer for advertising and promotion.

Fort Worth, for:

--Interview with Art Chapman, Fort Worth Star Telegram.

--A meeting with station management, KXAS-TV.

--On-camera promos and voice-over radio tags for "Noble House" . . . a la, "Hi, this is Deborah Raffin, inviting you to watch (guess what)."

--Also on-camera public service announcement spots for the Volunteer Connection and Project Graduation, local charities.

--Dinner with ad clients of KXAS-TV (they bought time during "Noble House").

Atlanta, for the following:

--An interview with Jim Osterman, Creative Loafing magazine.

--Live on Randy Miller radio show on WZGC.

--Live on the noon news, WXIA-TV.

--Appeared in an extensive group of on-air promos for "Noble House."

Philadelphia, for:

--An interview with Trudy Haynes, noon news, KYW-TV.

--Phone interview with Bill Browski, Bucks County Courier Times.

--Interview on "Time Out with Bill Boggs," KYW-TV.

--Taped on-camera "wraparounds" for "PM Magazine" with Philadelphia hosts Ray Murray and Nancy Glass.

--Press luncheon with reporters from the Philadelphia Daily News, Trenton Times, Allentown Chronicle, Philadelphia Inquirer, Wilmington News Journal, Pottstown Mercury and (phew!) KYW news radio.

New York's schedule:

--Associated Press radio.

--WABC radio.

--Dinner with New York columnist Cindy Adams (Adams brought her husband; Raffin brought her producer-husband, Michael Viner).

--Interview with Murray Povich on the syndicated "Current Event."

--Meeting with Harper's Bazaar, to discuss something for further down the road.

--Interview on "The Today Show."

--Interview on "Live at 5."

--Interview on "CNN."

--Interview on "Attitudes," a talk show on the Lifetime cable.

Boston, for interviews:

--Live on WBZ-TV's "People Are Talking."

--Taped several interviews to run during WBZ-TV 5:30 newscasts.

--Interview with WXKS radio.

Chicago, for interviews:

--Live on WMAQ radio.

--Interview with WGN radio's Wally Phillips show.

--Lunch with Phillips and Ann Gerber, Chicago Sun-Times.

--On-camera interview with Norman Marks of WMAQ-TV, to run on the local newscast after the airing of "Noble House" ("Meet Deborah Raffin, after the movie. . . ."). Marks visited Los Angeles earlier to interview Raffin in her home; those spots have already aired.

But wait . . . there are still those satellite interviews she's set to do for next week.

In case anybody missed her, she's taken out ads in the Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety.

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