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Olympic No-Show

February 27, 1988

Worst Olympic coverage ever!

Surely something is going on up there all day long. One can't tell by watching TV.

The hour of coverage each night fails to give the event any of the international flavor it deserves.

You say I'm getting three hours of the Olympics? Oh, excuse me! I didn't know I was supposed to consider the one hour of commercials and one hour of reruns of Dan Jansen's falls, and assorted interviews on his sister's tragic death, as Olympic coverage.

Dozens of flags heralded the opening ceremonies. Where are all of those people? If they are competing their little hearts out, who can tell it? I'll bet some of them even fell or had someone die. I would have loved to see, maybe, a Chinese ice skater. But it all seems to be us (U.S.), East Germany and the U.S.S.R. Canada only gets in a bit as the host country.

What became of the medals ceremonies? In past Olympics, one could soon hum the national anthems of half a dozen nations.

Please, ABC, don't bid on the Olympics next time if it doesn't leave you with enough money to put them on. I can watch a hockey game anytime I turn on the set.

Please show us the grand and glorious, flag waving, tear-stained-cheek, competitive Olympics of old. Save your reruns and interviews for the weeks before and after .

Please , while they are on, show the Olympics!!!



Laguna Beach

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