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'A Song or Two Away'

February 27, 1988

I would like to clarify a couple of statements attributed to me last Sunday (Calendar, Feb. 21) in Gina Arnold's article about (local rock band) Dexter that were taken out of context.

First, when I stated that the (band's) manager had to "beg to get people like me down to see them," the rest of the thought was: I do not have signing power, there are people above me who do, (the manager) will have more difficulty getting those decision makers out, let alone to Orange County.

Secondly, as to my remark regarding contest judges' opinion meaning "less than zero," that is meant relative to a label, and that labels' opinions are not influenced by such contests.

Thirdly, I must say that all of my criticism of Dexter made it sound highly negative, when actually the remarks were coming from the point of positive constructive criticism, to help them to get signed. I also happen to ascribe to the same thought as Ben Brooks at Enigma (Records); Dexter currently has two or three radio-ready tunes. It just doesn't happen to be enough for me to cause a signing to EMI at this time, but I believe they are only a song or two away.


A&R Consultant

EMI/Manhattan Records

New York, N.Y.

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