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Vietnam War Draft Dodgers

February 28, 1988

In response to Times staff writer Bob Baker's article on draft dodgers (Part I, Feb. 22):

Many people went to Vietnam and served their country. We could have drummed up ways and avoided the draft. However, we were Americans. The world did not owe us anything. Our parents gave us values from World War II. It's our country and whether our government was right or wrong was not the question.

The question was: If you're an American and would like to live in America then can you pay your dues at this time in history? If you don't agree with the war, change American policy later.

I knew many draft dodgers and felt we couldn't count on them even if we were attacked by hoodlums in the streets of Los Angeles.

I was fortunate; I grew up poor but graduated from college in 1968 and the next day applied at the draft board for military service. I served in Vietnam and met what I consider true Americans who were men.

Today with that same commitment to work and our society, I am a successful business executive.

What I am saying is that if you believe in America, you must put all your efforts in our country's success. Everyone gains.



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