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Tuned to Kenny Rogers

March 05, 1988

Regarding the Times pop music review of the Kenny Rogers concert (Jan. 30):

First of all, a group of eight people (all different ages) went to this show together, and we all agreed what a wonderful show it was! Needless to say we are all downright mad at this unfair review.

You seem to be putting Kenny down, along with his audience, who all seemed to love his show. Your negative comments were exactly what we enjoyed the most about his show. His relaxed and fun attitude toward the audience was perfect! His medley, as you say, "was sliced and diced," but we liked it just as it was. He had plenty of time for all our favorite tunes, plus some new ones.

We would like to know just where you come from saying, "He was like a used car salesman trying to unload a real clunker." What kind of vendetta do you have for Kenny Rogers? We all loved his energy level and his personal touch with his audience. In comparison to his show at Irvine Meadows last May, we enjoyed this show much better because of his "personal touch."

If you can't write a decent review on one of the country's top artists, maybe you should let someone who likes him, even a little bit, do the review next time. I don't think many would agree with your outlook on this.

I have taken this newspaper for 30 years, and I have never read such an unfair review.



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