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March 06, 1988

Would you please start putting a warning on film ads that contain men wearing wigs?

My old lady saw that ad for the movie "Switching Channels" and started nagging me about getting my hair cut like Burt Reynolds. I told her I'd have to send off for one of those Eva Gabor hair pieces if she wanted me to look like Burt all the time.

She called me a liar and said that real men don't wear wigs. I had to call the library today to verify that I was telling her the truth. Then she started harping on how great Christopher Reeve's hair looked and the whole mess started again.

Why didn't they just name it "Battle of the Wigs" or "Broadcast Wigs"? The only reason I go to see one of these films is in hope of seeing somebody's wig fly off.

Maybe a new rating like "W-13" and the warning: "This film contains graphic wig wearing. It is recommended that impressionable children, the elderly and pregnant women think twice before entering this theater."

Any help you can give us balding but proud men would be appreciated.


Van Nuys

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