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Illegal Building in Laguna

March 06, 1988

The city of Laguna Beach found a way to circumvent the popular vote and was successful in an unethical land grab and took control of the South Laguna area as of January, 1988.

Before the end of our first month under the new regime, we received notice from the city of Laguna Beach stating that it had received a complaint regarding our rental property and intended to search same to determine if the tenants were of one family.

Some 250 property owners and an estimated 600 tenants are the victims of this vicious attack on our community. The reason is simple: City management is motivated by economics.

Their attack on South Laguna, if successful, will eliminate 30% of the population, which means 30% less call for public services and 30% less city dollars needed to manage the area. Many of the rental property owners will be forced to sell their properties, which would end up on the tax rolls at current market value. The increased revenue to the city would be substantial.

The city may think it is legally correct in enforcing a 1936 R-1 zoning ordinance, which has virtually been ignored for 52 years. What is not in question is the morality and ethics of its actions; they speak for themselves.

I challenge the Laguna Beach City Council to give a reasonable explanation for its vicious attack on South Laguna.


South Laguna

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