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FOCUS : Home of Crystal Cathedral

March 17, 1988|Clipboard researched by Rick Vanderknyff, Susan Greene, and Henry Rivero / Los Angeles Times

The $20-million glass structure built by supporters of television evangelist, Robert H. Schuller, is one of the most spectacular sights in Garden Grove. Schuller calls his edifice the Crystal Cathedral. Built in 1980, it is the location from which he broadcasts his weekely television program "Hour of Power," said to have one of the largest religious audiences in the nation.

The facility was once a drive-in theater; it was built with a large parking lot so that worshipers could be on the outside looking in while listening to Schuller on their car radios. The outdoor amphitheatre has received good reviews for its Grove Shakespearean Festival, held every summer for the last 10 years.

Garden Grove has a large and growing population of Korean immigrants, who have developed prosperous businesses in the community. If fact, Garden Grove's Korean merchants are beginning efforts to establish trade ties with South Korea.



City Council: J. Tillman Williams (mayor), Robert Dinsen (mayor pro tem), Milton Krieger, Raymond Littrell Walt Donovan

City Manager: Delbert F. Powers

Fire Chief: Lon Cahill

Chief of Police: Frank Kessler


Population: (1986 est.): 133,121

Area: 17.7 square miles

Incorporation: June 18, 1956

Median household income: $30,685

Median home value: $87,688

Racial/ethnic mix: white, 85.1%; Latino, 16.7%; black, 1.3%; other, 13.6%

(Total is more than 100% because racial/ethnic breakdowns overlap)

City Services

City Hall:

11391 Acacia Pkwy.


Police (business):

11391 Acacia Pkwy.


Fire (business):

11301 Acacia Pkwy.


Post Office

10441 Stanford Ave.


In Emergency, Dial: 911

Employment status

Employed persons: 61,626

Unemployed: 3,103

Not in labor force: 28,449

Per capita income: $8,075


By sex and age In thousands

Median Age: 32.1 years


Adults over 25 Years of school completed:

0-11 years:25.6%

12 years: 38.5%

13-15 years: 22.5%

16+ years: 13.4%

Median years completed: 12.6

Statistics: Donnelley Demographics

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