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Music Buffs Rally to Support of Clark

March 19, 1988

The community of Fallbrook in North San Diego County has contracted for a series of concerts with the Pacific Symphony for the past four years. Prior to that time, the San Diego Symphony and then the Long Beach Symphony performed in Fallbrook. The wonderful audience rapport and the quality of music experienced in Fallbrook (during the Pacific Symphony performances) is mainly due to the talent and considerable charm of Keith Clark. The feeling is almost unanimous that the Pacific is the finest of the three orchestras.

If the (Pacific's) board of directors would stop and think of what they currently enjoy in Orange County as a result of Dr. Clark's efforts, certainly a reversal of their ill-conceived and ill-advised decision is warranted and justified. I feel that the board has acted in a very provincial manner. Trying to find a so-called "big name" conductor to encourage large donors is a very unrealistic attitude. When Dr. Clark was handling most of the details of orchestra management, the orchestra was fiscally sound and out of debt. Can the present management team make the same statement?

The success enjoyed by this fine orchestra is due to one man only, Dr. Keith Clark. Since he has been able to achieve the present level of professionalism that is required by a first-rate orchestra in a few short years, please think of the potential for this group if Dr. Clark had 100% board support in the future.

This ill-advised decision on the part of the Pacific Symphony board of directors should be rectified and all concerned parties should rally behind Dr. Clark to make it possible to achieve this.



Fallbrook Music Society


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