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The School Crunch in Laguna Niguel

March 20, 1988

I have read with great interest the controversy that has surrounded the future of Laguna Niguel. There is more than one important issue here.

My daughter and I moved to this "family"-oriented community from Laguna Beach last summer. Naively, I assumed that when you buy a home in one of the country's wealthiest communities, your home and neighborhood will contain certain things, such as indoor plumbing, electricity and schools . Wow, was I wrong.

My daughter, with all the rest of the students of Marian Bergeson Elementary School (where are you when we need you, Marian?) have been split on two campuses (Niguel Junior High and Crown Valley Elementary) since the beginning of the school year. This has caused hardship to everyone involved, and the low morale of students and faculty is starting to show.

Try to explain to a 9-year-old why she doesn't have a school. I'm running out of answers, reasonable or unreasonable.

All of the students, faculty and parents of the three schools involved deserve better. If all the parents paid their property taxes with the same speed that this school is being built, I wonder what the state's reaction would be?

I make this suggestion to the school district: Hire one of the local home developers to build the school (or at least finish it). Make the developer think there will be tremendous profit. I'd be amazed if the school wasn't finished this weekend.


Laguna Niguel

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