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To the Victors Belong the Scrolls

March 27, 1988

Written in response to awards received by deYong Ginsberg Weisman Bailey, an Irvine advertising agency created in early 1988 by principals of the former Irvine branch office of N W Ayer, a national agency. The awards were for projects done before N W Ayer closed its branch.

I read your article about the Orange County Ad Club's awards dinner with a grim resolve to respond ("Briefcase," March 10). Attached is a copy of a letter sent to Bob Guzman, Ad Club president, voicing my complaint over the irrationality of deYong Ginsberg Weisman Bailey receiving awards for work done by another agency. Mr. deYong's flip remark only emphasizes the egotistical and arrogant attitude both he and the Ad Club have displayed over this matter.

The Ad Club did a fine job of getting impartial judges from across the country to judge the submitted work on national standards, and the winners were deserving. Question is--who were the winners? The Ad Club has merely supported its reputation as a political organization by allowing Mr. deYong to hang awards on his brand-new walls that should say N W Ayer, not dGWB.

Too bad for all the people who worked on those projects and have never worked for dGWB, and for the clients who never had dGWB as an agency. I guess if you have the right name, you can enter anyone's work and claim the award as your own.


Media Director

Lenac Warford Stone Inc.

Newport Beach

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