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More Mason Jars

March 27, 1988

Feather stated that Mason's routine was so offensive that even rednecks would not have been amused.

It is amazing to me that in order to defend two ethnic groups (blacks and Jews) Feather feels perfectly free to impugn another--underprivileged, uneducated Southern whites.

"Redneck" is indisputably a racist term. Feather actually called them "bumpkins"!

Recently in your Outtakes pages (Feb. 28), Aaron Spelling said that there would be no girls with dumb Southern accents on "Angels '88," his new edition of "Charlie's Angels."

The original Angels were, of course, all Southern--Kate Jackson from Birmingham, Ala. (just try being any more Southern than that!), and Texans Farah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith. This trio of beautiful Dixie Belles earned Spelling untold millions.

Actually, it is not surprising that Spelling would make such a remark but one does expect better from Feather. I suggest that you call a moratorium on denigration of your Southeastern compatriots.


Los Angeles

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