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Bargains in Canada

March 27, 1988|LUCY IZON | Izon is a Canadian travel journalist covering youth budget routes.

Young travelers to Canada this summer can find low-cost camping tours, inexpensive accommodations at 70 youth hostels (less than $10 U.S. a night) and numerous university residences, and youth and student discounts for rail travel.

VIA Rail offers five Canrailpasses for unlimited travel. If you are 12 to 24 you are eligible for the following reduced rates for the passes (rates are in Canadian dollars, which are worth about $1.21 U.S.):

--The high-season Canrailpass rate for travel anywhere west of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is $239 for 15 days, or $269 for 22 days. High season is June 15 to Sept. 15.

--The high-season youth rate for the Eastern Pass between Winnipeg and Levis, Que., is $179 for 15 days, $209 for 22 days.

--The Canrailpass for travel between Windsor, Ont., and Quebec City is $119 for eight days and $149 for 15 days.

--The Maritime Canrailpass is valid for unlimited travel in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. The rate for eight days is $59; 15 days, $69.

--The rate for a Canrailpass for the entire Canadian VIA Rail system is $389 for 22 days and $429 for 30 days.

Reduced Rail Rates

Some rates are reduced for travel before June 15 or after Sept. 15.

VIA Rail also offers reductions for students on point-to-point fares. Full-time students with student identity cards can save up to 33% on one-way fares on any train (except for some departures on Friday and Sunday) between noon and 6 p.m. in eastern Canada.

For more details see a travel agent.

If you are looking for low-cost accommodations in North America or abroad, contact universities or colleges to see if they rent rooms during school holidays.

Last year 29 Canadian universities offered economical accommodations to travelers during school breaks.

For example, the University of Ottawa will offer travelers lodging between May 7 and Aug. 25. A pool and athletic facilities are on campus, and the residence is a five-minute drive from the city center and two-minute walk from a public transit stop.

The rate for students is $11 for a single room (about $9.10 U.S.) or $23.20 for a twin. Non-students pay $26 Canadian for a single, $35 Canadian for a twin. Children are welcome. Reservations: (613) 564-7057 before May 1, (613) 564-5400 after May 1.

Goway Travel offers a variety of economic tour programs in Canada and the United States that are designed for travelers 18 to 35, though older passengers are also welcome.

Several Tours

The tours are marketed internationally, so passengers may be from a variety of countries. Camping and "hard-top" tour programs are available.

The most popular tour is the Rocky Mountain Safari. You can begin the tour in Vancouver, B.C., or Calgary, Alta., and choose seven or 14 days. You'll travel in a 14-passenger vehicle. Activities include canoeing, white-water rafting, hiking, cycling and horseback riding.

The high-season camping version of this trip costs $349 U.S. for seven days or $589 U.S. for 14 days. You must supply your own sleeping bag and contribute $5 a day to a food kitty. You should also budget about $90 U.S. to cover the cost of the optional activities.

A similar trip, with accommodations in cabins, motels and tourist-class hotels, costs $969 U.S. including breakfasts and dinners. The single supplement is $259 U.S. Budget about $90 U.S. for optional activities.

Goway also offers eight-day wilderness canoe trips in Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park. The $299 U.S. covers transportation from Toronto, meals and equipment (except sleeping bag). Summer departures are on Sunday. Four departures welcome travelers older than 35.

For details about these and other Goway programs, contact a travel agent or write for a brochure: Goway Travel, 40 Wellington St. E., Toronto, Ont. M5E 1C7, Canada.

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