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Chacon's Spending

April 03, 1988

It disturbs me that our hard-earned tax dollars are being used for campaign purposes by my assemblyman, Pete Chacon.

I read in the paper ("Campaign Funds Buy a Lot of Extras for S.D. Lawmakers," Feb. 29) that he spends his campaign dollars on expensive suits, hotels in San Diego, dining and other luxuries for his personal benefit, and then uses our hard-earned tax dollars for his campaign purposes.

I have received at least three, if not more, pieces of literature in the mail . . . in the past three weeks that say basically nothing (other than to praise) Mr. Chacon.

I know this money could have been used more effectively in education and for better roads and better law enforcement instead of lining the pockets of Assemblyman Pete Chacon.

I know his opponents cannot use tax dollars to send mailings to the community as Mr. Chacon does. They have to use their campaign resources or their own money.

Real freedom starts when politicians like Chacon can be replaced with honesty. Let taxpayers' money go for the needs of the community represented and let campaign literature be supported by campaign money.

Stop sending out literature to the people as a cover-up for concern, when the reality is that Mr. Chacon is using this opportunity to get his name out for campaign purposes only.


San Diego

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