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Disappointing Report on Teen Clinic

April 07, 1988

We were disappointed with your article (March 19) on the San Fernando High School teen clinic's open house, because it focused on opposition.

This was a reception with a positive nature and intended to help people become more aware and informed of the clinic's purpose and services. During the hour and a half we were in attendance, we met only one lady in opposition to this clinic, who happened to be in our tour group. Since she was the only person opposing the facility, and a hundred others were there supporting it, why did you find that of such importance to publicize the negative?

The staff and advisory committee members were very hospitable, providing information and tours. Their concern for the students was very evident. The organization is excellent, and they are providing services to many young people in a very caring atmosphere.

We are pleased to learn of the numbers of students using the needed health care. At no time is any student allowed to use these services without parental permission. We are delighted that the infant learning center, located on the San Fernando campus and operated by the North Valley YWCA, is also permitted to use the facility. The young mothers enrolled in the center with their babies are permitted to take their children to the teen clinic for pediatric services. This certainly is beneficial to these young mothers, who are trying to continue their schooling while raising children.

Our suggestion to the people who are in opposition to the clinic is, visit the facility yourself and observe what is available to the students. A person needs to study both sides of an issue if he/she wants to be properly informed before casting an opinion.



San Fernando

The writers respectively are chairwoman of the North Valley YWCA Center Committee on Administration and the group's vice chairwoman for membership development.

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