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Altadenans Urged to Run for Council

April 07, 1988

Thank you for your articles on Altadena following our Old Fashioned Days last spring. You said it all, as far as our Town Council goes, and as chairman of this year's Election Committee, I would certainly like to find some Altadenan sitting out there who is willing to be a part of the council.

As you wrote, one-half of our 14-member council is elected each year. Candidates can file until April 18. They must be over 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen and a resident in the census tract they wish to represent. Applications are available at the Altadena Library.

Candidates will be introduced at the regular council meeting on April 19. The election will be on April 30, along with our Old Fashioned Days.

No fancy campaign gimmicks are needed; just word of mouth among friends and a few well-placed photocopies of a "vote for me" usually suffice.

We are a representative community body with no legal power to govern, but we serve as an advisory board to county, state and other governmental units.

Issues brought before the council are as diverse as drug use among preteens and housing density. We delve into community attitudes on such topics as waste recycling and housing for senior citizens.

I look at our Town Council as an excellent forum for any community-minded resident to exercise some civic involvement and pride. We want to alert the community that we have a need and they have an opportunity.


Election Committee Chairman


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